Iwama Aikido

Traditional Aikido: As Taught in Iwama, Japan

5th Kyu Testing Requirements

  1. Shomen-uchi Ikkyo (omote and ura): overhead strike, first teaching (front and back) View Omote, View Ura
  2. Kata-dori Nikkyo (omote and ura): shoulder held, second teaching (front and back) View Omote, View Ura
  3. Katate-dori Shiho-nage (omote and ura): one hand held, four way throw (front and back) View Omote, View Ura
  4. Mune-tsuki Kote-gaeshi: strike to chest, wrist return View Technique
  5. Katate-dori Irimi-nage: one hand held, entering throw View Technique
  6. Ryote-dori Tenchi-nage: two hands held, heaven and earth throw View Technique
  7. Morote-dori Kokyu-nage: one hand held by two hands, abdominal breath throw View Technique
  8. Ken Suburi (1-7): sword individual exercises (1-7)
    1. View #1
    2. View #2
    3. View #3
    4. View #4
    5. View #5
    6. View #6
    7. View #7
  9. Jo Suburi (1-5): staff individual exercises (1-5)
    1. Choku-tsuki: straight thrust View Technique
    2. Kaeshi-tsuki: return thrust View Technique
    3. Ushiro-tsuki: rear thrust View Technique
    4. Tsuki, Gedan-gaeshi: thrust, low return View Technique
    5. Tsuki, Jodan-gaeshi: thrust, high return View Technique